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2011 Photos
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May 3 -- While our summer season traditionally begins with a performance at Burlington's Memorial Day service, this year a few band members gathered at the Crapo Park Band Shell early, to assemble our brand-new heavy-duty metal stands -- a gift from long-time band member Sue Kristensen and her husband Al.
Dave Scott led the crew assembling the stands.
Sue Kristensen and husband Al put tags on the new stands along with Mary Priebe.
The stands were assembled on a very chilly May 3rd.  Here Sue puts them into the storage shed.
May 30, 2011: Memorial Day
Each year the band plays for the Memorial Day ceremonies at Memorial Auditorium.
Francis Bartholomew reads the honor roll with members of the American Legion and the Marine Corps League.
June 5 -- The Teddy Bear's Picnic concert
Steve Hexom gestures during his introduction of Carmen Lachnitt.
Percussionist Scott Teater sings the Teddy Bear's Picnic.
Cute kids in the Teddy Bear's parade.
More cute kids.
June 12 -- The band was invited to play a special fund-raising concert at Sunnybrook Assisted Living Center, with Sunnybrook matching all funds raised for the band.  The concert was conducted by Marcia Korb and Mark Eveleth.  While we had intended to perform the very same concert that evening at Crapo Park, the evening's performance was rained out, and we ended up playing that concert on July 31.
The band at Sunnybrook.
June 18 -- A small group from the band rides a trailer from Thomann Automotive in the Steamboat Days Parade:
June 19 -- At our concert on Father's Day, conductor Arnie Anderson recognized people who have been important in his life, including some of our band members:
Arnie Anderson honors Marcia Korb.
Arnie Anderson honors Arnold Rabe.
Audience member Dr. Don Allgood
was also honored by Arnie Anderson.
July 3 -- For our concert on the day before the Fourth of July, conductor Jim Priebe chose a patriotic theme.  Highlights included a "flag parade" and guest appearance by renowned trumpeter Steve Wright, a Burlington native and son of legendary Burlington bandmaster Maury Wright.
Ed Zeman marches in the flag parade.
People of all ages march in the flag parade.
Steve Wright enjoys a moment of levity with the band.
Marine veteran Gerry Runyon stands and plays proudly during the Armed Forces Salute.
Jim Priebe's dressed for the occasion.
Shayla Hopp is recognized for her solo.
Steve Wright solos under Jim Priebe's baton.
The piccolos stand for The Stars and Stripes Forever.
July 17
July 24
Ted Francis makes a point.
Sue Kristensen was the featured soloist playing Mozart.
Jacob Davis announcing.
The trombone section was featured on Lassus Trombone.
July 31 (The concert originally scheduled for the evening of June 12 -- the same music we played earlier that day at Sunnybrook Assisted Living Center, conducted by Marcia Korb and Mark Eveleth):
Mark Eveleth announcing.
Ron Coberley played the solo on
Young Man With a Horn.
The brasses stand as Marcia conducts The Stars and Stripes Forever.