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Ralph Zaiser on the left and Ralph Venghaus on the right are pictured being honored on the occasion of their retirement from the band by bandmaster Maurice Wright in this photo from the early 1970's.  It is not known exactly when Ralph Venghaus (who played the French horn) began playing with the band, but Ralph Zaiser is pictured elsewhere on this page with the Orchard City Band as early as 1914.  Visible, seated at the right is clarinetist Don Davis.  It is believed that this photo may be reversed, since the clarinets would likely have been sitting to the left.
Ralph Zaiser and Ralph Venghaus with Maurice Wright
Note: A larger version of this image can be viewed by clicking on the photo.
Photo courtesy of Paul Zaiser
Of interest is the "transitional" band stand, which still had a wooden floor (in rather deplorable condition) with the present day fiberglass shell attached.  The present concrete base for the shell was constructed soon after this photo was taken.