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The Orchard City Band at the G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) Convention, June 17-19, 1914
Bottom row: Sam Pill, clarinet; William Schafer, baritone; Frank Sherratt, director; John Weniger; cornet; Carl Peterson cornet; Leon Petitt, cornet.
Top row: W.F. Ellerhoff, bass; Ed Griesel, trombone; Clarence Smith, trombone; Clyde Sourwine, trombone; Horace Leidig, clarinet; Andy Koett, bass.
Photo courtesy of the Des Moines County Historical Society
Third row: Henry Griesel, clarinet; Sig Engberg, horn; Charles Vogelgesang, horn; Jim Weaver, horn; Al Rinker, horn; Ralph Zaiser, saxophone.
Second row: Carl Griesel, drum; John Miller, drum; George Vogt, piccolo; H. Hohl, clarinet; Guy Power, clarinet; Ward Vance, cornet; Walter Hohl, clarinet.