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2005 Photos
This gallery contains photos from our 2005 season, beginning with Memorial Day and continuing chronologically.
(Click on the individual photos to view a larger version of each one.)
The summer "season" of the Burlington Municipal Band actually begins with our participation in the annual Memorial Day Service, this year once again held on the riverfront next to Memorial Auditorium.
The first of our Sunday evening concerts was conducted by Mark Eveleth, and featured our annual "Teddy Bear Parade," led by Marcia Korb.
Jim Priebe soberly conducts "The Vanished Army"
-- a march dedicated to the first 100,000
killed in World War One.
For the Steamboat Days Parade, our band rides on the back of the truck from "Wrecker Express" -- as we have done for many years.  Incidentally, Wrecker Express provides not only the truck and driver, but DECORATES the truck.  Thanks, Wrecker Express!
Our Fathers Day concert, this year once again conducted by Arnie Anderson, featured a solo by Ted Francis, and ended with dads from the audience coming up to blow bubbles while the band played the traditional "ending" song from "The Lawrence Welk Show."
Our June 26 concert, conducted by Ron Coberley, featured xylophone soloist Katie Lorber from New London.