City of Burlington | Quality of Life | Burlington Municipal Band
Enhancing the
quality of life
in Burlington and
Southeast Iowa since 1927
Friends of The Burlington Municipal Band
Underwriter ($1200)
Fred & Martha Wetzel*
Darwin Lyons Memorial
Impresario ($500)
Anthony Furniss*
Dr. John Phillips*
Benefactor ($250)
Mary Eipert & Steve Rowland*
Dick Ray*
In honor of David Scott (by his kids)
Conductor ($100)
Richard & Carol Benne
Tom & Cindy Brueck*
Lea Jane Wolfe*
Danielle Swink (Summer Snow)*
Alliant Energy
Wayne & Nancy Tolander*
Francis & Mary McAllister*
David & Marci Adams*
Arnold Refrigeration, Inc.
Kent & Megan Schmidgall*
Buckingham Asset Management*
Jim & Eva Ann Elmer*
Mrs. Donald Allgood*
Revds Paul Walker & Randy Webster
Patron ($50)
Marilyn Carhoff
George & Luana Galvin*
Steve & Rhonda Frevert*
Pete Korb*
Sponsor ($25)
Bob & Diane Mansheim*
Christine Williamson
Friend ($10)
Michael & Brenda Monfils
* Due to limited space on our printed concert programs, this list refers primarily to donations made since the end of our 2019 summer concert season.  Those who also donated last season are indicated by an '*'.  The full listing from last season's program is available by clicking here.